With makeup artist Donni Davy, you can now look like an ecstatic actor

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Long live the euphoric effect. Since the show began in 2019, false eyelash makeup inspired by euphoria has been very popular. Now, thanks to the new limited edition false eyelashes from Donni, the chief makeup artist in the show, you can also decorate your eyes like Jules and Kat David
Davy introduced false eyelash earlier this year and sold out immediately. Now, set the clock, because the false eyelash are back, and two new designs will be launched on donnidavy.com at 11 AM on May 18.
These new designs inspired by lightning bolts energize your eyes. You can use small lightning bolts as a finishing touch, or you can use them individually to minimize the appearance. Wear with makeup or alone. Each set comes with a magical iridescent hologram and a subtle sparkling black flash.
These new spike designs provide energy for some of the main graphic eyelashes. These appliques are designed to be located above the eyelid crease, rather than along the eyelash line. For the strongest look, wear larger glasses on your eyelids and smaller glasses under your eyes. Use it with makeup to get a more moving makeup, or wear it alone to easily get an instant “makeup” makeup. Each set comes with a magical iridescent hologram and a subtle sparkling black flash.
The holographic fantasy set includes Eye-Letric, Spiked and Head in cloud decals. The entire collection of magical iridescent holographic facial decals! This set of easy-to-use face decals comes with three sheets of paper, each with a different design. The holographic fantasy set is priced at $25 each.
Use cloud-style decals as a finishing touch, or wear them alone to minimize the appearance. Combining decals can create an unlimited number of unique looks. Wear with makeup or alone. Each set comes with a magical iridescent holographic paper and a shimmering silver glitter paper. Genting decal’s head portrait is $17.50 per set.
By December 31, 2021, 10% of the profit generated from each purchase of the cloud cloud suite will be donated to Trans Lifeline.
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Post time: May-21-2021