U.S. Department of Energy eyelashes false eyelashes are all the rage on TikTok

As we all know, TikTok users have the special ability to find items under the radar. These items can make your skin super refreshed and eliminate the problem of large pores. Maybelline’s Sky High mascara became popular at the beginning of this year because of its incredible ability to make it look like you are wearing false eyelashes, but now users have discovered a series of “fluffy” illusions, they are “so lightweight, you don’t even know” They are there. ”
Doe Lashes’ reusable false eyelashes are made of cotton thread and 100% Korean synthetic fiber. They are handmade and come in a variety of styles and can be used up to 15 times. Inspired by the “female deer’s gentle nature”, the brand stated that its eyelashes can provide you with “cloud-like comfort” and at the same time provide you with “doe-like eyes.”
The hashtag #doelashes has gained 18.7 million views on TikTok, thanks to the comfort, naturalness and ease of use of the eyelashes, which have been circulating here.
Amazon shoppers have also reached an agreement with TikTokers-critics say that Doe Lashes is very flattering, does not cause any excitement, and can work on any occasion. Even if you are not an expert in using false eyelashes​​, many people point out that they are “perfect” for beginners.
One customer wrote: “The eyelashes have a super soft texture, thin and not tingling.” “Unlike other eyelashes I have tried, they are worn beautifully many times. The morning dew is subtle and adds luster to the eyes. 15/10!”
“I have been looking for a pair of natural but still very long eyelashes, and these eyelashes are perfect-they will not completely swallow your eyes like other eyelashes and overwhelm your appearance,” another customer admired.
If you are looking for eyelashes that “feel like nothing” and will give your eyes a “natural but gorgeous look”, then Doe Lashes seems to be able to achieve these expectations.

Post time: Apr-30-2021