The makeup looks of the 80s are back, we actually love these amazing makeup looks

Although if you’re not too keen on blush-centric, don’t worry: we’ll focus on other iconic makeup looks from the 80s, including some of the best foundation contouring techniques, especially if you want to start a fun summer , Colorful notes. From colored mascara to bold eyebrows, we have perfectly combined several favorite looks, which will surely immediately bring a charming and unceremonious nostalgic atmosphere of the 80s.
Contouring is undoubtedly one of the most popular makeup trends in the 80s, because celebrities like Debbie Harry and Brooke Shields are often seen wearing this style.
At the time, celebrity makeup artist Douglas Otero said that with the help of light and dark blush, contour styling can be achieved.
Today, Douglas explains that both bronzer and blush can be used to create a seamless, more natural red contoured look, as seen by actress Constance Wu. This technique of using blush to outline contours is called “blush drape” and has already produced waves on and off the runway.
To create a contoured blush look in the 80s style, celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin recommends using a thick brush (such as her Luxury Vegan Complexion Brushion) and lining a soft blush line under the cheek (we like to be generally flattering NARS Orgasm). It is perpendicular to the corner of the eye and extends to the front of the ear and spreads near the temple. To soften the lines, she recommends using a damp makeup sponge on the edges to balance the appearance.
This pink hue has a slight shimmer, somehow manages to make a variety of skin tones flattering, and has a certain iconic meaning in itself. The strobe light on the obe bone shines upwards towards the temples, with the effect of blush pendants, but with a more subtle modern feel.
Geneva said: “Colorful eyes are making a comeback, but the tones on the lips and cheeks are softer to balance the look. Violet, sky blue and bright orange tones are very popular in this look.”
In order to create the 80s style eyeshadow effect, Geneva recommends taking out the bright orange eyeshadow from NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette, and then applying it to the outer corners of the eyes. Next, use a crease pen to blend a deeper shadow of the eyeshadow on the outer corners.
Then, use the same crease brush to drag the shadow line out until you reach the end of the eyebrows. Combine darker tones on the lower lash line to create greater depth and size, and finally apply a few mascaras that are most suitable for mascara.
Talk about whether your product is worth the big bang: this 16-color chassis has all the exciting 80s makeup colors you might need, and it has bright effects that rival the charm of Dynasty stars.
Dana Arcidy, a New York-based makeup artist, says that colored mascara is one of the easiest ways to deal with makeup trends in the 1980s.
Dana said: “Bright blue mascara still looks cute today, but there are many options.” “Recently, I have always liked to put neon orange on the upper and lower eyelashes. To make the look more subtle, navy blue or Burgundy mascara is also beautiful. It adds a touch of color to the eyes, and it won’t be noticeable until someone notices it. It’s close to you.”
Get amazing color returns at an unbeatable price. When paired with peach or warm eyeshadows, this coral shade looks like a killer kill. For best results, use eyelash primer and make sure that each layer is dry before applying it again.
Lip liner also made a comeback. Jenny said that until now, the way it is worn is more subtle than in the 1980s.
She said: “Tan and brown lip pencils, such as Make Up Forever Artist colored pencils: eye, lip and brow pencils, can be used with any lipstick or gloss agent.” “Instead of making it inconspicuous and non-melting on the mouth, It’s better to simply use your little finger or a small downward brush to spread it softly.”
To get the feel of the 80s, you can also shake the monochromatic look by using the same shade of lip liner on the eyes. This versatile medium brown is very diplomatic and can also bring out a cold and warm lipstick color.
Push-up eyebrows were another popular makeup trend in the 1980s, because Geneva said that it looks fuller and does not use growth essence.
To create sexy, prone eyebrows, make sure to shape your eyebrows and fill in all the sparse patches. Then, Geneva recommends that you use a transparent soap and wet mascara wig, and brush your eyebrows. If the texture of the eyebrows is thicker, she recommends using Got2B sticky burr glue, and then tap the area with your fingers to flatten the hair.
It wouldn’t be a cosmetic review of the 80s without some durable gels. Is it okay now? However, it is recommended not to use a small amount of gel on the Q pen tip or fingers, and then pat on the eyebrows to achieve the imitative brow lamination effect, rather than gel the firm gel on the bangs.
Women and Family are grateful to Geneva Fong, Douglas Otero, Jenny Patinkin and Dana Arcidy of BEAUTY for their time and expertise.
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