Strengthen the Promotion of False Eyelashes on Short Video Social Media

In August 2021, taobao platform cosmetics (beauty and skin care + makeup)GMV was 19.914 billion yuan,

down 5.00% year-on-year, among which skin care GMV was 13.996 billion yuan, down 0.80% year-on-year,

and makeup GMV was 5.917 billion yuan, down 13.63% year-on-year, with a large drop. In August,

the GMV of Tiktok online cosmetics reached 6.374 billion yuan, another monthly high.

Data tracking: In beauty and skin care category, Lancome /SK-II/ L ‘Oreal ranked the top three in brand transaction volume,

gmV8.30/3.25/310 million, with an increase of 133.58%/-4.01/4.04%. Subdivided categories, the efficacy of brand growth bright.

Among the domestic brands, Winona and Purya increased by 33.85% and 52.45% respectively. In cosmetics category,

the three brands are Saint Laurent/Huaxizi/Armani, gmV263/260/194 million,

with the same increase of -11.66%/-18.32%/0.47%, under pressure of growth.

Part of the positioning affordable domestic new brands performed well, among which Colachi,

UNNY Club and Into You continue to break out. Douyin e-commerce: In the category of skin care,

Empress, Osmun and Hanshu ranked the top three with GMV of 132 million, 128 million and 92.75 million, respectively.

Purya ranked the fourth with GMV of 82.92 million, with self-seeding accounting for 58%.

Cosmetics categories Flower West, Brey And Hanlon Miyu maintained the top three,

with GMV of 102 million, 50.81 million and 42.66 million, respectively.

Key listed companies’ beauty brand tmall flagship store performance

In August, the turnover of Purya’s Tmall flagship store was 123 million yuan, up 48% year-on-year,

and the sales of ruby + double anti-essence large single products accounted for 27%.

Caitang’s turnover reached 28.65 million yuan, up 26% year on year.

New tube foundation liquid and four-color eye shadow plate contributed 12% and 6% of sales.

Winona’s turnover was 89.36 million yuan, up 53% year on year.

The new high moisturizing repair cream contributed nearly 7% of sales,

which is expected to become another core single product. Herborist’s turnover is 15.67 million yuan,

up 85% year on year, and lyophilized mask accounts for more than 40%. Yuze turnover 38.55 million yuan,

up 167% year on year, centella asiatica mask, barrier repair series contributed more than half of the sales.

Huaxi Biological brand Embellish Baiyan turnover of 48.34 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 29%,

Kwadi turnover of 22.51 million yuan, a slight year-on-year decline.


The promotion of Vannova false eyelashes is not as good as expected,

so we should also strengthen the promotion of false eyelashes on short video social media,

open our ideas and expand false eyelash channels.

Post time: Sep-13-2021