Fashion Blogger’s Three Rules for Dressing, this way!

Dragon Boat Festival small long vacation is about to come immediately, in order to take a beautiful picture, the partners of the accurate (drift) prepare (bright) work (clothes) make (clothes) have done?

With the weather getting hotter every day, to counteract the heat, stylish and cool summer looks should be arranged! Vest, sling should be summer foundation and versatile treasure. Large skin area, the upper body immediately relaxed.

Slimming styles come with age buffs that don’t steal the limelight and make your personality stand out.

It and slim skirt, neat suit skirt, suit pants are very matching, is definitely a regular in the girl’s wardrobe.

 No matter be daily go out street, still make brisk motion wind modelling, little not their figure, minute will feminine flavour and agile feeling two hands hold hold.

 Although it “covers an area” not big, look look inconspicuous, but should match only different sheet to taste, can finish all sorts of styles easily.

 To help you find the perfect style for your tank top, today we’ve compiled three universal formulas from a group of fashion bloggers.

 1. Vest + suit pants

The tank top and the loose-fitting suit pants are both clean-cut pieces that match perfectly.

Look like recreational modelling, also can be full of feminine flavour. This combination is especially suitable for fleshy legs, afraid of tanning and other girls do not love to show their legs.

When you want to go out for a beautiful outing photo, wearing Tank top can be stylish.

 2. Tank top + skirt

 Skirts are one of the most common items in summer, with different lengths, patterns and pleats creating different styles.

A few different pieces can make a summer outfit, even without pick.

3. Jacket + shorts

 Do not like to wear skirt outfit, also do not want to be manacle by trousers beautiful big long leg, might as well inspire the vigor potential of modelling with knickers.

Have you learned the formula?

It’s as simple as exploring and experimenting with vannova  false lashes to find your right summer look!

Post time: Jun-02-2022