Ardell Aqua Lashes Review: Are these false eyelashes really effective?

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Remember when Elmer’s glue was everywhere when I was playing arts and crafts when I was young? Decades later, when I discovered eyelash glue and I just didn’t mix it, I realized that I was still a messy glue user in elementary school.
This is a struggle I have encountered time and time again, because I fumbled for 30 minutes (or more) in front of the mirror, just begging for my false eyelashes to stick without looking unbalanced. This is where Ardell’s Aqua Lashes comes in. When I heard that glue was not needed to fix these eyelashes, I was sold and I knew I had to try it myself.
Aqua Lashes by Ardell is a kind of false eyelashes, activated with water, it only takes a few seconds to create attractive eyelashes. There are many different capacities to choose from-from light to thick-these easy-to-apply eyelashes are just what you need to make your makeup more dramatic and not sticky.
They can also easily blend with your natural eyelashes, and they also come with black straps to give you a striking eyeliner effect. Even better: these eyelashes can be worn multiple times in two weeks.
Complete disclaimer: I don’t wear false eyelashes often. When I wear false eyelashes, I usually save it to the town for the night or for larger events such as birthdays or New Year’s Eve.
But when my mother decided to host a gorgeous backyard birthday dinner in her milestone year, I needed more talent to look forward to the evening. As someone who has been struggling with eyelash glue, I am curious whether Aqua Lashes can save me time-save me from a mess.
Although it is recommended to dip the cotton swab in water and run it along the lash band, I first cut off the excess eyelashes that I don’t need, and then run it under warm water for 20 seconds to activate my eyelashes. Then, I gently placed them on my eyelids. I was knocked down. Within a few seconds, the eyelashes attached to my eyelids and stayed in place.
However, the real test is to see how long they can last, because my fear of beauty is no more terrible than the last eyelashes starting to wobble in public.
But after more than 12 hours of hosting, running around, and strong winds starting, I was pleasantly surprised to see that these false information can persist without re-adjustment.
Based on Amazon reviews, it seems that I am not the only one who uses these eyelashes to work well. Many other users have found Ardell’s Aqua Lashes to work very well. The latest product in the Ardell product line currently has more than 200 reviews and a good 3.5-star rating.
Some Amazon shoppers have noticed how effective eyelashes are for people with sensitive eyes. A four-star reviewer even mentioned that she “ordered more” and also recommended the product to friends with “sensitive eyes like her”.
Other reviewers praised the product for being easy to use and can be used overnight. A five-star reviewer praised Aqua Lashes as the “best” she has ever used, while another reviewer even praised the product for requiring “no messy glue.”
Although there are many positive reviews online, other buyers have noticed that compared to other false eyelashes, the eyelashes feel a bit heavier and feel “stiff” due to their “thick strips”.
I personally like my experience with Ardell’s Aqua Lashes and highly recommend it to those who are sensitive to glue or just want to enjoy a mess-free process.
For people who are starting to struggle with false eyelashes, I have never had an easier or simpler process. And because of the economy of eyelashes, you can even add each volume to your beauty library.
However, some Amazon reviewers noticed that these may feel a bit “stiff”-but in my opinion, the rewards are totally worth it.
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