27 Makeup Essentials That Have Changed Our Lives

Makeup trends come and go, but some products can stand the test of time. Whether it’s an all-time favorite designer lipstick or a can’t-live-without mascara, we all have beauty bag staples we’ve fallen in love with over and over again. The ELLE team was very vocal about their favorite makeup products of all time. The lineup ranges from a pore-erasing primer to a skinny brown pencil that fakes fuller arches, and so many other greats in between. Shop the absolute best of the best, ahead.

It’s utterly impossible to not fangirl hard over Gwen Stefani. Only a few minutes into a Zoom call, she appeared from the other side of a black square posing with her long checkerboard nails in double peace signs framing her sharp winged liner. I felt like I was catching up with an old friend. We’d never spoken before but her warmth radiated from the other side of the screen, despite the time zone difference.

Before our convo, I scrambled to find a red lip to wear in honor of the occasion but failed. All good though since I was there to talk about her signature makeup look: that iconic red lip and panache for a crisp cat-eye. In the decades since Stefani’s singing debut, she’s been tight-lipped about the exact shade of red she’s worn. But now, not only is she sharing the news, but also giving you a chance to buy it. “Original Recipe” is what Stefani is calling the hero shade in her new GXVE (pronounced GIVE) makeup line. “People have been asking for 35 years, ‘What color lip are you wearing?’ so that was the obvious place to start,” Stefani tells ELLE.com exclusively.

From: https://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/a39167802/gwen-stefani-gxve-makeup-launch/gxve-beauty-originalme-originalrecipe-v1-1645673523


Post time: May-06-2022