Wholesale Magnetic synthetic eyelashes F-A72

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1. Eyelashes about 15-25mm

2. 3D magnetic eyelash is made of Korean high-quality synthetic fiber and 0.2mm ultra-thin magnet

3. With careful care, eyelashes can be reused many times.

4. No stimulation, no glue-free eye tail, extended cross, one-touch self-adhesive false eyelashes

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    What to do with magnetic eyelashes? Why did this seemingly sci-fi trend suddenly sweep the false eyelashes world?

    In short, convenience: Although a pair of false eyelashes and a tube of eyelash glue can increase the depth and volume of sparse eyelashes,

    it is undeniable that the application process may bring royal pain, especially if this is your first Use them again.That being said,

    it is not surprising why magnetic eyelashes have suddenly become a popular solution to this problem,

    as these products skip the traditional falsie app by using magnets on the magnetic stripe instead of eyelash glue,

    thus eliminating randomness. All the troubles that came from the whole process.

    If you want to know how this kind of magnetic makeup products work, we will delve into this latest false eyelash trend,

    discuss the two types of magnetic eyelashes, the best tips for using them (if they can indeed be used safely in the eye area) and ,

    And most importantly, the best choice is right in front of you.At first glance,

    magnetic eyelashes look a lot like traditional ribbon eyelashes because of their large length and size.

    However, unlike band eyelashes or even the best mascara products, these products promise to give you more long, thick eyelashes.

    The difference lies in the lash band, because the Chicago makeup artist Charlotte Robinson (Charlotte Robinson).

    Robinson explained that magnetic eyelashes will use magnets in magnets instead of eyelash glue.

    Charlotte told women and family: “Magnetic eyelashes are false eyelashes that can be fixed in place without any glue.”

    “They work by clamping natural eyelashes between dentures lined with small magnets.” between.”Ann McFerran,

    an expert in magnetic eyelashes and the founder of Glamnetic, said that because magnetic eyelashes eliminate the step of adding eyelash glue,

    they tend to be more efficient and user-friendly.

    For example, a pair from her brand of magnetic eyelashes can be worn up to 60 times with proper care and does not require any drying time.

    Professional makeup artist Emily Emmens said that there are currently two types of magnetic eyelashes on the market.The first is with a magnetic eyeliner,

    the eyelashes can be attached to the eyelashes without the use of glue.

    The second type has upper and lower eyelashes, which can be clamped on both sides of the eyelashes and fixed to each other.


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