False Eyelash Cotton stalk Silk Synthetic 3D X11-15

Short Description:

Black Cotton stalk

Factory outlets discount price

Thickness: 0.07mm

Length:  3D X11 1.6cm; 3D X12 1.4cm;  3D X13 1.3cm

Width:  3.2cm

Curl: J-C

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    *False eyelash is too long how to trim

    There is a strange feeling: False eyelash is too short in the hand, is too long when wear.

    Our eyelash is the longest in the middle, both two ends are slightly shorter. In order to make the false lashes look natural,

    they should not be too long and the width should be fit to your eye’s shape.

    If they are too large, please cut off some of them with professional small scissors,

    Remember to maintain the original curve when clip the length, otherwise they look too false.

    When clip the extra part width, we should cut the eye head and eye end respectively, instead of  only one part.

    * How to trim false eyelash length

    Step1: before we wear the false eyelash,  clip the false lashes become to warped radians  with eyelash clip first.

    in order to maintain the proper camber, and make eyelash more thick, we’d better  put mascara cream on false eyelashes gently,

    to  guarantee the eyelash itself and false one fit well, wore eyeblack not too heavy.

    Step2: holding false eyelash gently with the hand, compare the length of eyelash to the eye, undertake trim to false eyelash with small scissors next.

    The length that can make sure false eyelash and true eyelash are joined up very well so.

    Step3: Gently  give the false eyelash a “massage”, bend the false eyelash a beautiful radian, make false eyelash becomes soft, especially peduncle ministry,

    the radian that should let eyelash peduncle bend gives ADAPTS to the radian of eye department.

    Step4: Coming thing to do is to clip the false eyelash stalks to the  right length.

    I want to remind you that you should pay attention to the inner eye,  there is no eyelashes from central eye around 2 mm distance.

    so to get inside the eye of the false eyelash take 2 mm, and eye end eyelashes longer, so from the inner eye to eye end eyelash is progressively longer,

    don’t be too long in the left eye end, otherwise easy to degumming, influence the effect of false eyelash.

    Also note that the false lashes of both eyes must be cut symmetrically for the best natural effect.



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